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Find out the geographical location of specific IP addresses
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Traces any IP address to its actual geographic location. Works with websites, domains, ICQ contacts, email users and any IP address you're interested in.

WhereIsIP is an interesting and powerful Internet tool to help you know the geographic location of an internet user who you are interested with . You can use it to find where a member of chatroom or email sender even ICQ friend TRULY come from , or where the website you visited is .
Simplily provide one IP address , domain name or icq contact list , WhereIsIP will do a quick research in the world Internet IP registries or Domain Name Whois Dababase and tell you the exact info about the target , including country , address , net name , domain name and its registrant details .All the analysis takes only several seconds !
When you tell your internet friend where he is without asking him any questions , what a big surprise to him :), or you can know a website'location and the owner 's detail , you may have less chance to be cheated on the Internet , is that so, Try it and you will find more.

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